NEWS: China Decrees 248/249 – Information on Registration Number and Labelling/Packaging Requirements

News from AAFC Market Access Secretariat

We would like to share the following updates below regarding the GACC-issued registration number as well as the labelling and packaging requirements under China’s Decrees 248/249.

Querying your registration number in the CIFER system

To check your establishment’s status and registration number assigned by Chinese authorities through GACCs single window, please follow this link and search for your establishment by typing your OVERSEAS REG.NO (your establishment ID number assigned by CFIA) and clicking query.

Registration number marking and package labelling

The labels of foods exported to China produced on or after January 1, 2022, must be marked with the China registration number or the CFIA assigned establishment ID number approved by the overseas competent authority on the inner and outer packaging of the food exported to China.

Labels with registration numbers have to appear on retail packages and ‘marketable Units’. Exterior packaging for shipments, wrapping films or containers do not have to carry the registration number.

The format of the label is flexible. Stickers, print or any other means are acceptable and there are no provisions related to size or colour.

Customs declaration forms must be marked with the registration number assigned by China. Follow the instructions provided above to query your China assigned registration number.

Questions from industry should be directed to the Market Access Secretariat: and Food Export-Aliments Exportation (CFIA/ACIA): ​