China market entry and growth steps for Canadian food exporters

February 2, 2020 - 12pm ET


Are you a Canadian food or beverage brand that’s interested in the opportunity that the Chinese market presents? Do you have the world’s largest online marketplace as a target for your organization in 2021?

Join the Canadian Food Exporters Association (CFEA) and WPIC, the world’s leading APAC e-commerce consultancy, on February 2nd at 12pm ET as they come together to discuss how Canadian food exporters can succeed in the Chinese market through e-commerce.

Whether your organization is actively looking to launch in China in 2021 or is interested in learning more about the mechanics of a market entry, this webinar will feature insights across a variety of topics, including:

  • What opportunities are there for Canadian food brands in China?
  • Which online platforms provide the biggest opportunity for success?
  • Which e-commerce tactics drive online growth in China?
  • What sort of results can a Canadian food brand expect in “year 1” of their China market entry?
  • And more

Speakers to include:

  • Joseph Cooke, Co-founder and President of WPIC Marketing + Technologies
  • Susan Powell, President and CEO, CFEA
  • Todd Embley, Host and Executive producer of The Negotiation podcast (moderator)