ECRM – Efficient Supplier Introductions (ESIs)

March 31-June 12, 2020


Experience live virtual product interactions

Introducing the evolution of product discovery with live virtual interactions by hand-selected brands showcasing the best and brightest products to category buyers.

Efficient Supplier Introductions are tailored, category specific and focused to allow for product discovery and promotion through a virtual environment. Each participating supplier receives 10 minutes to present their innovations, points of differentiation, and origin stories to multiple interested buyers listening in virtually from the comfort of their desk.

A dedicated ECRM Client Success Manager will act as the meeting host and moderator of these gated virtual meetings to ensure confidentiality and punctuality. Since there are multiple buyers in the presentation all questions are asked through the moderator to ensure an organized and efficient process. The moderator assures meetings start and end on-time since supplier presentations are scheduled back to back.