EU Virtual B2B Program

July 7-September 17, 2020


We are pleased to offer the opportunity for Canadian exporters to connect with European buyers virtually with the assistance of Stamegna and ECRM organizations. The Stamegna programs are eight meetings with buyers over a two hour period and the ECRM program offers three participation options to choose from: Planning Session 20 minute meetings, Innovation Pipeline 10 minute meetings and Discovery Hub 5 minute meetings. Each virtual program is offered on a category basis to ensure the right buyer attendance.  Below are the various programs that we are offering participation in:

Stamegna – Snacks and Confectionery (July 7, 2020) – Register at this link.

The confectionery and snack food segment includes food products such as chocolates, candy bars, sweets, jellies, gums, hard and chew candies, through to snack foods such as potato chips, crisps, ready to eat nuts, trail mix, savory snacks, energy and granola bars. View the registered buyers list at this link.

Stamegna – Alcohol and Non-Alcohol Beverages (July 9, 2020) – Register at this link.

The beverage category includes water, soft drinks, juices, carbonated drinks, wine, beer, spirits, energy drinks, coffee and tea. View the registered buyers list at this link.

Stamegna – Dry Grocery (July 21, 2020) – Register at this link.

Dry grocery includes: assorted breads, English muffins, coffee, breadcrumbs and dried mixes, cake mix, biscuits and pancake mix, cold and hot cereal, cookies & crackers, dry beans and grains, dry noodle mixes for the skillet, flour, sugar, herbal and regular teas, pasta, shelf stable pizza shells, powdered drink mixes (hot and cold), powdered milk, rice.

Stamegna – Frozen Food (July 23, 2020) – Register at this link.

Frozen category includes:  frozen vegetables, ice cream, frozen fish, bread, pizza, frozen meat, burgers, and sausages, ready meals.

Develop powerful connections to drive category growth and revitalize shelf space. This program brings together a cross-channel lineup of retailers looking to source new suppliers, discover innovation and learn how to succeed in meaningful category growth. On this program branded and private label suppliers will present products to European and Global retailers and distributors across all channels and across the following categories: Dry Food | Beverage | Specialty | Private Label | Sustainability | CBD/Hemp Organic/Bio, Free from and sustainability are trends that will be a major focus area and goes across most categories. View interim list of buyers at this link.

ECRM – European Health, Nutrition & Wellness Program (September 14-17, 2020) – Register at this link.

Engage virtually in the European Health, Nutrition & Wellness Program and drive category success year-round. Branded and Private Label Manufacturers in the following categories will present to retailers and distributors from Europe and around the world. Categegories in scope include: Health care | OTC | Vitamins, Weight Management and Supplements | Hemp/CBD | Consumer Health Equipment | Sports Nutrition | Homeopathy/ Herbal | Dermo-Cosmetics. View interim list of buyers at this link.

How the programs will work:


  • Virtual pre-scheduled meetings, 15 minutes with each retail buyer in your category. based on your company’s preferences. There will also be the opportunity to meet with retail distributors.
  • Share you product information online.
  • Online profile books with contacts of all attending buyers.


  • A Client Success Manager assists throughout the entire program with turnkey meeting preparation and follow up.
  • Pre-determined meeting schedule tailored to align your capabilities and objectives.
  • 5, 10 or 20 minute appointments are conducted back to back for 3 to 4 hours each day for 3 days.
  • Meetings are executed virtually through a customized technology solution that features video conferencing, meeting management and documentation including notes and product selections.
  • Access notes and product selections for follow up plus use the RangeMe platform for sample requests, ordering and continued conversations.


Stamegna programs are charged at a flat fee of CDN $1,862.00/members or CDN $3,724.00/non-members and the ECRM program has three pricing levels starting at CDN $1775.00 through to CDN $4,563.00 (non-member rates start at CDN $3550.00 through to CDN $9,126.00).

Funding for this program is provided by
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s
AgriMarketing Program: National Industry Association Component