Spinneys In-Store Promotion

January 9-23, 2020

Dubai, UAE

The Consulate General of Canada in Dubai in collaboration with the Canadian Food Exporters Association is proud to confirm that Spinneys will be our partner for a promotion of Canadian food and beverage products across Dubai & Abu Dhabi in January 2020 (exact dates TBC).

The goal of the promotion is to introduce a range of new Canadian products to Spinneys that they can offer to their customers for the duration of the promotion with an understanding that Spinneys will include successful Canadian products in its regular product portfolio for a longer term.

Spinneys retail platform and business philosophy represents a good fit for Canadian food exporters and the success of the promotion will present a good opportunity for your company to introduce your products to the UAE or to increase sales of existing products.

As part of this promotion, Spinneys will:

  • Conduct a sourcing/selection process to list at least 20 new to market brands (i.e companies)
  • Handle all responsibilities associated with product registrations with the Dubai government and ensure products meet regulatory requirements
  • Feature the chosen Canadian products in 15 Spinneys locations throughout the UAE
  • Display products on gondolas in prominent in-store locations and highlight the products with signage on shelves
  • Design printed promotional material, including signs, backdrops and brochures
  • Promote using social media network and monthly magazine

About Spinneys:

Spinneys is a premium supermarket with 70 stores in the UAE & OMAN operating under two retail brands: Waitrose and Spinneys. They focus on international food and non-food brands and exclusive ranges to cater mainly to Western/European customers.

The cost to participate in this promotion is CDN $500/members or CDN $1000/non-members (price may be lowered if Spinney’s chooses more than 20 companies). This fee is for advertising & demos. Product samples, labeling, etc are to be negotiated with Spinney’s.

If you would like to have your products considered, please complete the registration form at this link and also provide a product brochure to info@cfea.com. Note: if your company is not selected, you will not incur the participation fee.