NEWS: New food and animal export requirements for the European Union

News from AAFC – Market Access Secretariat

Effective August 21, 2021, exporters for all food and animal commodities destined for the European Union (EU) will be required to use updated export certificates. Export certificates can be accessed through the Trade Control and Export System (TRACES NT), which serves as the EU’s e-certification system. The updated export certificates result from the 2016 EU Animal Health Law (AHL) that came into force in spring 2021.  Current export certificates will continue to be accepted by the EU until October 20, 2021, provided they are signed before August 21, 2021.

Exporters will be required to complete section 1 of the appropriate certificate in TRACES NT, and will have to continue to request export services (inspection and certificate issuance) from their local CFIA office.

Using the TRACES NT system for export certificates will provide a  secure, convenient, and streamlined process for doing business with the European Union.

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More information

For more information on how to create an EU login account and user access profile in TRACES NT and to complete part 1 of the required certificate, see the step-by-step instructional materials visit TRACES NT documentation website.

Contact the TRACES NT Helpdesk to obtain more information on the use of TRACES NT at +32 2 297 63 50 or email: .

To learn more about export requirements for the EU, visit [Food exports, Animal exports]