Baked Brie with Bruschetta and Tapenade


Following the directions on th package, layer 4 sheets of filo pastry. Cut a small wheel of Brie or Camembert in half so that there is a top and a bottom. Place the bottom half on the center of Filo pastry and ad 5 Tbsp of Summer Fresh Bruschetta then place the top on. Layer 5 Tbsp of Summer Fresh Tapenade on top. Cut the filo into a circle 4 inch from the side of the brie. Fold to the top and twist to form a fan. Place the brie in the fridge for 20 minutes, preheat your oven and bake at 350 degrees for 6-8 minutes or until the pastry is brown and the brie is just starting to melt.

Recipe compliments of Summer Fresh Salads