Time for a cautious return to air travel

excerpts from the Toronto Star article by Jerry Dias (full article is available at this link):

“Blanket travel restrictions no longer make sense as parts of the world open up. Other countries are ready to accept Canadian travellers. If they can show that they have controlled the virus, travel should be allowed.”

“This is not to say that we should throw open the borders, of course. Travel restrictions to the U.S. continue to make sense. For other countries, there are several options worth exploring, including a negative COVID test before leaving and/or on return, and safe travel corridors directly to other countries that have the virus under control.”

“Other countries are beginning to implement such measures, and Canada should follow suit. Automatic 14-day quarantines make no sense when we have science-based alternatives.”

We agree with the above and hope the Canadian government can look at implementing measures that are science-based and not a one size fits all scenario.

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