BLOG: Your trade association is not a luxury; it’s an extension of your company

We came across this article posted on NutraIngredients, which highlights the importance of being part of a trade association:

In this guest article, Steve Mister, president and CEO of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), discusses the importance of joining a trade association to support the industry and your company’s growth potential.

Your trade association membership is like paying your insurance premiums. You wouldn’t cancel your property insurance or allow your medical insurance to lapse; what would happen if a disaster struck? The sam thinking should apply to your association membership. Your trade association is what you maintain – day in and day out – so that when burdensome regulations are threatened, or onerous legislation arises, you have a first line of defense. Imagine the effects of a single law that restricts your customer’s access to your products or raises your cost of doing business. The proactive work your trade association does is your insurance policy against a host of regulatory and legislative crises.

Read the full article at NutraIngredients website at this link.