We are excited to share the 2023 issue of Export Savvy with you.

  • On page 5, you’ll find a message From the Desk of the President of the CFEA.
  • On page 8, you’ll find Upcoming Events.
  • On page 7 & 8, you’ll find recipes for culinary delights, including Creamy Mushroom Risotto with Wild Rice Blend, Spicy Hummus & Burrata Crostini and Cheesy Shortbread Thumbprints. 
  • On page 10, you’ll find Where’s the Beef? – The Growth of Canada’s Plant-Based Sector.
  • On page 12, you’ll find The M in CUSMA: Export Opportunities in Mexico.
  • On page 14, you’ll find Dishes Best Served Cold: The Canadian Frozen Food Industry is Heating Up!
  • On page 16, you’ll find An Expanding Market: Export Opportunities in the Indo-Pacific.
  • On page 18, you’ll find CFEA Membership Benefits & Services.

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