and Resources and are the leading online providers of HR Solutions to the Agriculture and Food Industries in North America.

Over the past few weeks they have been compiling resources relevant to COVID-19 in the Agri-Food Industry to support both job seekers and employers. These resources are available for FREE until July 2020.

Below is a list of our resources and links to connect you: / have a library of resources available for both employers and job seekers that you can access for FREE. This includes printable fact sheets, handouts and articles on topics relevant to COVID-19 in the Agri-Food industry. You can visit their library of resources by clicking on the following links: has unlocked some HR Related webinars that you has free registration. View theWebinars Available On Demand by visiting the following link wants to help employees, employers, and job seekers understand what is happening in the agricultural industry in response to COVID-19. Over the past week, they’ve surveyed employees and candidates to discover how COVID-19 affected their employment, and they’ve surveyed employers about how they’re preparing their workforce for the situation. You can view the results at the following links: has also put together a Job Seeker toolkit with some great videos providing tips and suggestions for working through your search for a new career.

Take advantage of FREE Job Posting when you are hiring for a Seasonal or Temporary position until the end of July at If you need assistance please by email or call 1.800.929.8975.