Algeria: new barcode requirement on prepacked food products

News from AAFC’s Market Access Secretariat

This is to inform you that Algeria has published a new regulation (see below – only available in French) setting the conditions and modalities applicable to the affixing of the barcode on pre-packaged, foodstuff and non-food products, locally manufactured or imported intended for human consumption, effective March 29rd, 2023. The regulation is aimed at improving product identification, facilitating quality control and guaranteeing consumer protection, as well as enabling domestic businesses to market and sell products that meet international standards.

This means that as of March 29, 2023, all pre-packaged food products shipped to Algeria from Canada will need to have a barcode on them. Products entering Algeria after this date that are non compliant with the barcode regulation will be denied from entry into Algeria and will have to be re-exported. Imported products must have a barcode issued by a recognized organization in their country of origin.

Excluded from the scope of this regulation are: raw materials intended for manufacturing, processing and packaging; products acquired in the context of border barter; products directly for the exclusive consumption of the staff of foreign companies or organizations; duty free shops, catering services, international passenger transport companies, rated hotel and tourist establishments, the Algerian Red Crescent and duly approved associations and similar bodies; and businesses purchasing products for their own professional use.

The Market Access Secretariat recommends Canadian exporters obtain from their Algerian importer(s) the latest import requirements and documentation applicable to their products. Incomplete and/or insufficient documentation may result in rejection of the shipment at the foreign country and is solely the responsibility of the exporting agent/company.

For further details and questions related to this measure, you can contact the trade commissioner services at the Canadian Embassy in Algeria:

Alternatively, you can send your questions to