NEWS: Argentina implements Front-of-Pack nutritional warning labelling requirements

News from AAFC’s Market Access Secretariat

On March 22, 2022, the Government of Argentina approved Regulation Nº 27.642 (Promoción de la Alimentación Saludable), in which detailed specifications for the inclusion of octagon-shaped warning labels are required on the front of package of food and beverage products that exceed established limits for salt, sugar, saturated fat, and trans-fat.

Please be aware that the use of stickers to comply with the front-of-package nutrition warning label will be permitted until October 22, 2024. However, after this transitory period is over, all local and imported food and beverage products that exceed the limits set in the regulation will then be required to have printed warning labels directly on their packaging. More information on the labelling requirements and limits can be found in Decree 151/2022 and its annexes (Spanish only).

Exporters are encouraged to contact their importers or local partners to ensure that their products continue to meet all labelling requirements established by the Argentinian authorities. The Embassy of Canada in Argentina can also assist exporters in finding local packaging companies to comply with these regulations, where appropriate.