EU: The maximum levels of deoxynivalenol

News from AAFC’s Market Access Secretariat

The European Union (EU) has notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) of a Draft Commission Regulation G/SPS/N/EU/708 amending Regulation (EU)2023/915 with regards to maximum levels of deoxynivalenol in food.

You are invited to review the WTO notification to determine whether your industry could be impacted by these changes. Please refer to the following link for more information: G/SPS/N/EU/708

To ensure we understand the total impact this regulation may have on Canadian exports to the EU, we are asking you to please provide any comments (on a commercial confidential basis) on the implementation of this new regulation and how it will impact your business practices and/or decisions. You are invited to send comments and/or concerns to the Market Access Secretariat at by Friday, 5:00 EST on January 19, 2024.