NEWS: Export Certificate and Labelling Requirements for Chilled and Frozen Raw Meat to Mexico

News from AAFC Market Access Secretariat

The purpose of this message is to remind Canadian industry to follow precisely the 2013 chart agreed to by Canada and Mexico for export certificates and labelling of meat products exported to Mexico. The chart is available to the public via the following CFIA website:

The Canadian Embassy to Mexico recently met with SENASICA (CFIA counterpart in Mexico) to clarify issues for Mexican requirements related to various production dates for shipping chilled and frozen raw meat to Mexico.

SENASICA indicated that the difficulties with the shipments have been “technical” in nature and most have been related to how the mandatory dates that Mexico requires (slaughter date, processing date and packing date) are presented on the CFIA export certificates and product labels.

SENASICA confirmed that if the packaging date on a product label is not within the processing date range stated on the export health certificate, this is not a valid reason to reject the shipment.

Another recurring issue is that exporters have been including additional information on the product labels that is not required by Mexico. This has led to confusion at the time of inspection. Please revisit Mexican labeling requirements NOM-030-ZOO-1995, specifically paragraph 4.7 about what exactly must be included on a product label (only available in Spanish):

SENASICA advised that if the customs brokers have any questions related to shipments, the best way to avoid misunderstandings at the Mexican points of entry is for them to contact and present their shipping documents directly to the Heads of the SENASICA inspection offices (OISAs), rather than consulting with other people who may provide misleading information. The contact information for the Heads of the OISAs is below:

OISA Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.
Ing. Eleuterio Domínguez Sedeño
Responsable de OISA
Teléfono  55 59 05 10 00 extensiones  52100, 52101, 52102.
867 712 01 67
Correo electrónico:

OISA Reynosa, Tamps.
Ing. Oscar Toledo Reyes
Jefe de la  OISA
Teléfono 55 59 05 10 00 extensiones 52150, 52151
899 921 1905
Correo electrónico: