Oat Rice California Roll


Love California rolls? Introducing a much healthier ingredient to improve fibre and protein by simply adding oat rice.


Otelia Oat Rice 1 cup

Regular white rice 2 cups

Avocado 1

Crab meat 250g

Cucumber 1

Fish roe 10g

Otelia Shelled Flax 5g


Sushi Rice prepare

  1. Mix 1 cup of oat rice with 2 cups of white rice
  2. Cook the mixed rice by following your rice cooker instructions
  3. Chill and add vinegar to rest

Roll prepare

  1. Put a batch of chilled oat rice on a bamboo mat evenly
  2. Add chopped crab meat, cucumber and avocado
  3. Carefully and tightly roll the mat
  4. Keep rolling using the bamboo mat until you have a nice roll
  5. Remove the mat and cut the roll into pieces

Finished off with Otelia shelled flax and fish roes

Recipe compliments of  FDH Global.