Racy Risotto Citron


The freshness of lemons pairs well with creamy risotto and bitter greens, which along with a kick of cayenne will send you on the road to risotto heaven.


1 onion, chopped

4 large cloves of garlic, chopped

3 – 4 tbsp olive oil

1 1/2 cups arborio rice

1 cup good Canadian Chardonnay

4 cups stock, (vegetable, chicken or beef depending on what else you’re serving)

2 cups greens, such as Chinese spinach, asparagus or rapini, cut into bite size pieces

1 cup shiitake mushrooms, stems removed & sliced

1 tsp Dan T’s Whitehot

juice of one lemon

zest of one lemon

1/2 – 2/3 cups asiago or parmesan cheese, grated


Caramelize the onion and garlic by sautéing in oil over moderate high heat, stirring often, until browned (don’t worry about a few charred bits). Add rice to pan, continue on medium heat for 2 minutes, stirring. Add wine and stir until all wine is absorbed. Add stock gradually about 1/3 cup at a time stirring continually so that it doesn’t stick and burn (but not continuously so that you’re not able to do anything but stand at the stove). When you have about 1/3 cup stock left, stir in greens, Whitehot, lemon juice and zest and continue to stir. When stock is nearly all absorbed add cheese and stir until cheese has melted and rice is tender and delicious.

Serves 4 as side dish, 2-3 as a main course.

Recipe compliments of Dan T’s Inferno Foods.