Seed potato exports to Vietnam

News from AAFC’s Market Access Secretariat

Vietnam’s Plant Protection Department (PPD) has agreed to CFIA’s alternative risk mitigation measures for seed potatoes from PEI in lieu of potato wart pest-free area requirements. Effective January 15, 2024, exports of PEI seed potatoes can resume to Vietnam.

Vietnam’s import requirements for PEI seed potatoes include:

  1. Soil testing of unrestricted fields producing seed potatoes for potential export to Vietnam to ensure freedom from Potato wart.
  2. Seed potatoes that are to be exported to Vietnam must have been produced in fields that are not restricted for potato wart, S. endobioticum, under the current Potato Wart Domestic Long Term Management Plan (PWDLTMP). Restricted fields include index, adjacent, primary contact, and other contact fields.
  3. Seed potatoes are to be dry brushed to remove soil. Vietnam has zero tolerance for soil and this applies to all of Canada. This is not a new requirement.
  4. Pre-export shipment inspections will be completed by CFIA inspection staff to verify potato tubers are free from visual symptoms of potato wart.
  5. Seed potatoes are produced under the certification program outlined in the Canadian Seeds Regulations Part II.
  6. A list of the unique identifying codes for the PEI fields that are free from potato wart and eligible for export to Vietnam must be provided to the Plant Protection Department (PPD), Vietnam at least one month prior to beginning to export. This list has been shared with PPD and will be published on the PPD website for their importers.

For other potato-exporting provinces from Canada, Vietnam agrees that the certification is based on Pest Free Area status for potato wart.

A valid import permit and phytosanitary certificate is required. Canadian exporters who have an import permit which is still valid, do not need to apply for a new import permit.

Please also note that exporters and importers are ultimately responsible to ensure products meet the requirements of the importing country, it is therefore recommended that exporters work closely with their importers and their local Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) office to confirm that their market access information is accurate and up to date prior to shipping. Contact information for local CFIA offices can be located at the following link: Contact a Canadian Food Inspection Agency office by telephone – Canadian Food Inspection Agency (

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