NEWS: Transhipment of Small Ruminants Through the U.S. to Mexico via Land can Commence

News from AAFC’s Market Access Secretariat

In follow-up to the April 2022 message which notified that sheep, goats and certain other ruminants could now be exported to the United States under applicable conditions, AAFC is pleased to inform you the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed that all of the necessary documentation related to “in-transit” of small ruminants by land through the U.S. to Mexico is now finalized and trade can resume.

The import conditions in place between Canada and Mexico are active (HRZ 098-09-863-CAN-USA), and can be found on Mexico’s regulatory agency’s (SENASICA) website, or obtained from the CFIA regional office.

They encourage you to work closely with your Mexican importer to ensure all of the necessary paperwork is completed as per Mexico’s requirements before you export.

Exporters can also contact their local CFIA inspector office for any further questions relating to the export certificates.

This update resolves a longstanding and important issue for both Canada and Mexico and they are pleased that economically feasible bilateral trade of small ruminants can now occur.