NEWS: WTO Notification – New Zealand Product Labeling

News from AAFC’s Market Access Secretariat

Previously, the Market Access Secretariat notified stakeholders of New Zealand’s proposed country of origin labelling (COOL) requirements.  On September 21, 2021, New Zealand notified that the commencement of the Regulations has been delayed by three months.  Initially scheduled for November 12, 2021, the Regulations will now commence on February 12, 2022. The COOL requirements will not apply to frozen food until May 12, 2023.


On December 9, 2019, the Government of New Zealand notified a proposed mandatory country of origin labelling (COOL) regulation for single ingredient foods where the origin of meat or cured pork is defined by the country where the animal was raised.  Imported and domestically produced fresh or frozen fruit, vegetables, fish and seafood would also be subject to mandatory COOL requirements.  New Zealand has since amended the regulations and submitted its final regulation to the WTO.  Specifically, it includes a new addition (Regulation 15) that specifies how Regulation 14 operates when the food item whose origin changes often is a meat or cured pork product. In these situations, a supplier can name the country or countries in which animals were slaughtered, rather than where they were raised. This was added to address concerns about the cost and complexity associated with tracking animals through integrated supply chains that can involve livestock crossing borders. Canada continues to engage with New Zealand on its COOL requirements and Canadian stakeholders will be updated as information becomes

Below is the latest WTO notification G/TBT/N/NZL/93/Add.2, with a link to the text of the final measures.  Please continue to send any comments and questions to the Market Access Secretariat at