NEWS: China Decrees 248/249 – Registration of low-risk food product companies

News from AAFC Market Access Secretariat

We would like to inform you that the General Administration of Customs China (GACC) has officially activated the self-registration online portal for foreign companies involved in the processing and cold/dry storage of “low-risk” products exported to China under its Decree 248 requirements.

Canadian companies may access this self-registration portal on GACC’s International Trade Single Window Service System through the following link: and may also self-register directly through the following link: It is important to note that companies may experience technical difficulties while navigating this web portal (e.g., slow-loading web pages) and that several sections of the website have yet to be fully translated into English.

We understand that all companies involved in the processing and dry/cold-storage of ALL food and agri-food products for export to China, OTHER THAN “high-risk” and/or “medium-risk ” products, are considered to have “low-risk” products from China’s perspective. Accordingly, these companies will need to self-register directly with GACC. For your reference, below is a document which includes the list of products, provided to Canada by GACC, falling under the “high” and “medium”-risk product categories.

Please note that for all commodities currently registered under Decree 177 (i.e., barley, canola seed, soybeans, wheat) or under other lists submitted by the Government of Canada to China Customs (e.g., cherries, blueberries, alfalfa hay, pet food, dairy products, beef and pork), it is our understanding that companies exporting these commodities to China will continue to be registered under the existing process and will therefore not be required to self-register under the Decree 248 requirements.

Please also note that GACC has not provided a deadline for companies to complete their self-registration prior to implementation of the Decrees on January 1, 2022.