Canada Food Expo

October 18-24, 2022 (Registration deadline: Thursday, July 19, 2022, 5pm EST)

Japan and South Korea

The CFEA in participation with the Trade Commissioner Service, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP), Groupe Export Agroalimentaire, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI), and Innovation PEI would like to invite companies to submit an application to participate in the Canada Food Expo (CFE) which will take place in Japan and South Korea from October 18-24, 2022. Should COVID protocols permit, the mission will include visits to Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, and Seoul, South Korea, and will provide processed food and beverage companies with an opportunity to advance their export interests in both markets.


CFE is a traveling trade show held in Tokyo, Osaka and Seoul. It is designed to provide a cost-effective opportunity for export-ready Canadian companies interested in exporting to Japan and South Korea with chance to learn more about each market and meet with potential buyers, in-person.

Targeted products: The 2022 program seeks to promote innovative, and healthy processed food and beverage products. This includes products that are fortified, functional foods and beverages containing nutrients, plant-based foods, organic processed foods, and naturally healthy processed foods. For the purpose of this mission, it excludes nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals.

Are you export-ready and interested in the Japan and South Korean markets? If so, we’re looking for Canadian companies to apply for this mission. Please note that due to capacity limits for the program (both in terms of funding and space), only a select number of Canadian companies that apply for this program will be selected to participate and selection will be dependent on numerous factors including, and in consultation with buyers, fit for the market, market access considerations and potentially the order in which the application was received. Best efforts will be made to notify you by August 22nd of the status of your application. Please also note that you may be asked to virtually meet with Canadian Trade Commissioners in South Korea or Japan prior to or after the selection process.

We’re seeking applications from the following:

  1. Small and medium sized enterprises interested in exporting to Japan and South Korea;
  2. Canadian companies with experience selling to larger retailers, and interest in selling to large retailers in Japan and South Korea;*
  3. Canadian companies with e-commerce capacity or interest in selling products to importers/distributors in Japan and South Korea who sell on ecommerce platforms .*

* Large retail chains and e-commerce platforms are well-established and competitive in Japan and South Korea. Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service recommends that companies interested in supplying buyers in these market segments budget for annual promotions in each market.


Japanese and Korean food and beverage buyers, importers, wholesalers and distributors will be invited to view and sample your products. This mission will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your products, meet face-to-face with potential buyers, test the response to your products, and learn more about export opportunities in Japan and South Korea.


Tuesday, October 18: Arrive in Tokyo

Wednesday, October 19: Tokyo program

Thursday, October 20: Tokyo program, and travel to Osaka (by air)

Friday, October 21: Osaka program, then travel to Korea that evening or
over the weekend (weekend off)

Monday, October 24: Korea program (fly home after)


CFE will be held in-person, in anticipation that COVID protocols will continue to be eased leading up to the date of the event. It is expected that companies participating will travel, at their own expense (including airfare – international and domestic flights required for this mission (e.g., Tokyo to Osaka), accommodation, meals), to Japan and South Korea. Companies will also be required to cover the costs associated with shipping samples directly to Japan and South Korea if they do not bring them with them in their luggage. If your company is selected and you are a CFEA member you will receive 50% reimbursement of an economy airfare for all legs of the trip, 50% reimbursement of train tickets between Osaka and Tokyo, a per diem of $212.50 up to 7 days and 50% reimbursement of the shipment of your samples to each destination (if the Government of Canada institutes a non-essential travel ban funding for travel will be cancelled).

Current COVID protocol does not allow for business travel from Canada to Japan or South Korea without a local sponsor and visa application, which the Canadian Embassy cannot provide. If you are selected to participate in the mission, closer to the date of the event you will be contacted advising whether the event is able to be held in-person. In the case that travel to Japan or Korea is not
possible, the event will be conducted virtually.

To register your interest to participate in this program please complete the form at Register no later than July 19, 2022 5pm ET to have your company added to the list.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at (416) 445-3747 or by email at